Free Flight Fundamentals by Heather McKay

Free Flight Fundamentals

There's Never Been a Better Time to Plan Your Bucket-List Trip - And Use Points and Miles to Pay For It...It's time to finally make your dream vacation a reality!

What's packed inside?

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1) What is "Travel Hacking"?
Welcome, What, & Why
Basic Terminology
CASE STUDY: My big trip to Africa
Why credit cards are the key to travel
FAQs, Myth-busting, & Tips
BONUS: Financial strategies for being responsible
Intro to Travel Hacking
Basic Terminology
The Right
8 mins
Why Credit Cards Are The Key
FAQs and Myth Busting
BONUS: Financial strategies for being responsible
Case Studies
My Travel Hacking Story: Africa
1st Africa Itinerary.png
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2) Research / First Steps
Step-by-step planning guide
Basic Flight Research
Which card to get first?
Case Study: New Zealand
Own a Business? Do This:
BONUS: helping a mom earn 4 free flights!
3) Sign-Up Bonuses
Case Study: Costa Rica
2 mins
What is a Sign-Up Bonus?
Finding the best sign up bonus
22 mins
General Card: The Chase Sapphire Cards
Sign-Up Bonuses for YOU
4) Earning Points Faster
Referring Friends/Family
Shopping Portals
Shop Through Chase Portal
11 mins
Wacky Ways to Earn United Miles
United MileagePlusX App
Wacky Ways to Earn Delta Miles
5) Redemption
Case study: Why you should NOT have all your miles in an airline program
Redemption Overview
26 mins
BONUS: Free Perks Airlines Don't Tell You About
Should You Redeem for Apple or on Amazon
10 mins

About Heather

Hi I'm Heather and I'm a nomadic business mentor for photographers who struggle to sell products and an avid "travel hacker".